3 Devils Xena Warrior Princess (Xena)

Whelp date…February 18, 2013

Versatile Hunting Dog Federation
66…Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE)
171…Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE)

Xena is truly a top percentage dog. I took possession of her when she was 6 months old, took a full week hunting trip with her a month later in NE Montana. She is unbelievably birdy and lives to get feathers in her mouth. On that trip she found and retrieved Sharptail grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Pheasants and Ducks. When you get Xena out and start hunting with her she takes a moment and surveys all of her surroundings deciding how she wants to proceed. I have never had a dog that you could see thinking out situations like she does.

In 2015 Xena and I went to Saskatchewan water fowling with her at 19 months old, she absolutely adores retrieving ducks and geese. In 2 hours in the decoy spread she had run over 13 miles and retrieved many ducks and geese, always wanting to do more. While we were picking up the spread she continued searching and found multiple ducks that we wouldn’t have found without her. We also went to the Dakotas pheasant hunting as seen in one of her pictures she plowed grass until her face was bloody from grass abrasions. She doesn’t have a quit button and simply is a tried and true hunting machine.