This website is about our dogs here at Windwalker Wirehairs. I have been a German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) owner for approximately 15 years.

I started out by rescuing my first Wirehair. Buddy had run wild for approximately 4-6 months prior to being caught and adopted out. He was a true renegade in every aspect of the word. It was an experience to get him to point because he had to catch whatever he ate during his time of running wild. It was quite the power struggle. I owned Buddy for 6 years, during that time we became best buds and I am not sure who taught who more.

Fogarty Windwalkers Ace (DOC) was my first purebred registered GWP. I had wanted a purebred GWP for a long time. I had met DOC’s breeder in South Dakota while pheasant hunting, returning to purchase DOC the following Spring. It was a true learning adventure because as I found out later DOC was a true Wirehair in every sense of the meaning. When I lost DOC at age 6 I was heartbroken and eulogized him on the local dog club trailer as “Too much dog for is rookie owner”. To read more about DOC and our adventures please visit the Windwalkers Ace (DOC) on Windwalker Wirehairs.

I currently own two 3 Devils Kennel wirehairs. 3 Devils Xena Warrior Princess (XENA) and 3 Devils Prime (BLAZE). Both are hardworking, no nonsense dogs in the field. Whether it be running wild upland birds, retrieving waterfowl on land or water, blood trailing big game or being house hounds they are a true joy to own. Living here in NW Montana I have many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors behind this pair.