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3 Devils Xena Warrior Princess (Xena)

Rusty 10.15 02-3Ruby Rocks Bear Rusty (RUSTY)


B litter 12.20.15 06 Day 1B litter 12.20.15 03 Day 1

Breeding announcement:

Breeding was performed the last week of October. Pups should be ready to go home the middle of February.

Deposits are $200.00 per pup. Breeder picks pups. Pups will be sold with AKC Limited Registration. Limited registration can be released with testing done through VHDF or NAVHDA. Males will need HAE or Natural Ability test. Females will need advanced test, AHAE or Utility Preparatory Test (UPT). Hips must be minimum tested to OFA good (Penn Hip equivalent). Thyroid tested with a normal level achieved.

These pups will not do well with an inexperienced owner and won’t do well with a hunter that wants a dog that stays close and doesn’t cover much ground. This litter of puppies will be superb gundogs with lots of high energy prey drive and will need a steady hand as they mature. This litter will sell quickly. Don’t wait if you are interested.

This breeding between Xena and Rusty will produce very outstanding puppies. Both parents have been tested in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) with the results showing superior dogs in both parents. As the test results show both Xena and Rusty can do it all very well. They are outstanding pointers with a great water desire and superior tracking ability.

Xena is a product of two truly great 3 Devils Kennel Wirehairs. Her parents Luke and Rabe are both products of hard work and perseverance by Jeff Funke, owner of 3 Devils.

Xena’s mother Rabe is a dog that Jeff imported directly from Germany to enhance his breeding program, he hasn’t been disappointed by his choice. Rabe is the top scoring female in the VHDF system. She is truly a top performer no matter what the game is.

Luke is a product of Jeff Funke’s breeding program, his lineage is truly 3 Devils. Luke is a natural ability hunter and truly performs at a level that can only be accomplished by a very small number of dogs. He is a dog that is in great demand as a stud dog. It seems like everybody wants a puppy from Luke.

Xena shows many of her parents traits with her determination, perseverance and outright desire. Xena will hunt every day, all day and never wants to quit. I have personally hunted numerous upland birds, waterfowl and have started a blood tracking program with her. She is truly a dog that anybody would be proud to own.

Rusty’s parents are: Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) and Jana v.den drei Teufeln (Ruby).

Windwalkers Ace (DOC) was a dog that I owned. His lineage traces back to 3 Devils Salty Pete V Rahnhaus as well as many other National Champions and Dual Champions. We know there will be great things passed on to this litter of puppies from Rusty.

Ruby is a true top percentage dog also. She was one of the top scoring dogs in the VHDF and has proven her ability in many ways. Ruby also has shown the ability to pass on her top traits to her offspring.

They both were simply spectacular on upland birds and waterfowl. To top it off they were both top notch citizens in their households with a very calm demeanor as family pets.

3 Devils Xena Warrior Princess (XENA)

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Xena 2014

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Xena’s current Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) test scores

Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE)
Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE)

Ruby Rocks Bear Rusty (RUSTY)

Rusty is a true Wirehair in every sense of the word. He is a son of Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) and a great grandson of 3 Devils Kennel Salty Pete Von Rahnhaus. Rusty is truly a pleasure to hunt behind and a very good citizen in the house.

I have gotten to spend time with him as this breeding was performed and I was very impressed. He has the same no nonsense, hard driving, run all day attitude that DOC had. When the day is done he has unbelievable manners and immediately changes to good citizen mode. His conformation is excellent and he runs with a smooth easy movement that is truly awesome to watch.

I am anxious to see the puppies that he will sire with this litter. I am sure they will be excellent gundogs and companions.

Buddies, Just chillin

Rusty and Mom Ruby
Rusty and Mom Ruby


Rusty 10.15 04

Rusty 10.15 01

Pheasant hunters
Rusty’s current Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) test scores
Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE)
Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE)