I am truly blessed to have the opportunities that life has given me.

As you can see from these pictures I have many opportunities to explore the great outdoors. I truly am “Living the dream” here in Montana. By living close to the Canadian border I have been able to travel to many destinations while chasing these phenomenal dogs.

Whatever your choice in upland birds: Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, spruce grouse, blue (dusky) grouse, prairie chickens, sage grouse or pheasants German Wirehair Pointers are fully capable. Waterfowl choices we have had include: Snow geese, Specklebelly geese, Canadian honkers and many species of ducks. Wirehairs also love to blood trail and I have found numerous big game animals that would possibly have been lost expect for their tracking ability.

I will always own a German Wirehair Pointer!!