3 Devils Prime (Blaze) AHAE 170

Standing at stud to approved bitches.

3 Devils Prime (Blaze) Whelp date…5.08.2011
North American Versatile Dog Hunting Association (NAVDHA) NA Prize II Scores were all 4’s except tracking which was a 2. This was before I owned him.
Versatile Hunting Dog Federation…170 Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (AHAE)     View VHDF AHAE certificate

Blaze is a high powered hunting machine that is always ready for another adventure.

Very intense attitude, loves to find and retrieve upland birds. Is truly a waterfowl warrior. Blaze is absolutely at home in the water and will do everything in his ability to find and retrieve any and all waterfowl including Giant Canadian geese. He is superb at tracking and we are currently working on a blood tracking program to retrieve big game. We are now learning the antler retrieval game and we’re working towards being superb “horn hunters”

Blaze is a dog that will give you 110% everyday in every situation. We hunted in both Canada and the USA in 2014, hunting many species of upland birds and waterfowl.

He is however a severe “bed hog” in the house and wants to be included in every activity that includes riding in the vehicles.

He is a son of Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) and a great grandson of 3 Devils Kennel Salty Pete Von Rahnhaus.

Hips…Excellent, Thyroid normal