I am very excited to announce this litter. I have bred Fogarty Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) to 3 Devils Xena Princess Warrior (Xena). This is an artificial insemination (AI) breeding from a Wirehair that was absolutely fantastic. Winning numerous show ring, hunting and performance titles during his life. DOC has sired and Grand-sired numerous show
title and AKC hunting title champions including Idawire’s King Ralph.

You can read more about DOC on the Windwalkers Ace (DOC) page. Information can also be found on Facebook… Windwalker Wirehairs

This breeding between DOC and Xena  will produce very outstanding puppies. Both parents have been tested in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) with the results showing superior dogs in both parents. As the test results show both DOC and Xena can do it all very well. They are outstanding gundogs with a great water desire and superior tracking ability.

This will be Xena’s last litter before retirement.   

Windwalker’s Ace (DOC)

Windwalkers Ace (DOC) was a dog that I owned.He was able to prove his talents in many venues. He competed in AKC Junior Hunter events, was an AKC Confirmation champion, tested at different levels in the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation, and qualified and competed in the National Birddog Challenge, National finals. DOC and I hunted,
explored and just bummed around over a vast territory in the western U.S.A. and Canada.

He truly was a “once in a lifetime dog”.

Coming around in the National Birddog Challenge National Finals
Retrieving a Chukar
End of a great day of hunting in Montana

Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) Pedigree

Windwalker’s Ace (DOC) Test Results

Three Devils Warrior Princess (Xena)

Three Devils Warrior Princess (Xena)  is a product of two truly great 3 Devils Kennel Wirehairs.

Xena’s mother Rabe is the top scoring female in the VHDF system. She is truly a top performer no matter what the game is.

Luke is a natural ability hunter and truly performs at a level that can only be accomplished by a very small number of dogs. He is a dog that is in great demand as a stud dog. It seems like everybody wants a puppy from Luke.

Xena shows many of her parents traits with her determination, perseverance and outright desire. Xena will hunt every day, all day and never wants to quit. I have personally hunted numerous upland birds, waterfowl and have started a blood tracking program with her. She is truly a dog that anybody would be proud to own.

Xena Pedigree

Xena VHDF test results

Advanced Hunting Aptitude Evaluation